Guys, yellow fever?

I'm an Asian, and I feel weird because my white male friend mentioned that he has yellow fever.
When I heard this, I just thought I should just avoid him or be distant from him, romantically, because he will never take me seriously. I thought he will just see me as one of Asians, not myself.
However, after searching a while, I realized that yellow fever is not just about generalization but also about racist fetishism. It's said that the prejudice that Asian women are 1. submissive and docile 2. easy to white guys 3. and sexually wanton as they are seen in porns is included in the fetishism.
And the fact that Asian women have small internal body parts because of genetic reasons is also included in the reason.
So, I began to agonize... thinking about should I cut the friendship with him,, or not?
In fact, he is a pollite, respectful and funny friend. I hadn't thought that he can be somehow weird till I heard him saying that he has yellow fever himself.
Guys, yellow fever?
Guys, yellow fever?
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