We had sex and now he is being distant - Why?

Have been knowing this guy since around 2 months.

We texted A LOT before. He was always very interested in me, i really thought he was cool and was honest.

Yesterday we finally met and had sex. The sex was amazing too, even tho i am not much experienced, he made sure i was feeling good.

Today he is acting very distant. He barely texts me. I just get a completely different vibe from him.

He told me he thinks Im really cool and we should stay in contact and all that.
But its different now...

Im scared i didn't smell nice, or i forgot to shave some hair somewhere, or my performance was weak, idk!

Why do men get distant after sex?

Was he only after sex? Really?
2 d
I messaged him saying that I feel that its different now and its ok if he only wanted sex. i would understand that. I also told him I am not expecting anything from him, he shouldn't talk to me out of pity.

He said everything is fine between us and that we can meet again. He just can't text much (suddenly lol).
I told him i think he's great and he said the same to me. He also said im overthinking and we only met once and i should chill.

But i kinda feel Im bothering him...
I don't know what to think
1 d
We messaged again today. I told him that we should quit contact cause he was only after one thing only. He then said i was being too clingy since we had sex (which is not true at all! We never texted that little) & ofc he distances himself lol. I then told him he couldve been at keast honest but he wanted to make it look like he wasn't only after sex (which i dont believe). He got pissed & said i dont have to twist up his words. I then told him to block me. He said no, cause im mature & not dumb.
We had sex and now he is being distant - Why?
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