Am I wrong for letting him stare at me?

Ok so there’s this guy who I’m attracted to... He does have a wife.

it all started with his odd behavior towards me. The first time I saw him he used to ignore me around everyone and acted as if I did not exist. He treated me differently from everyone else. He would talk to everyone except for me and I didn’t do anything to him. I didn’t know who he was. He would never make eye contact with me but he would stare at me from far away. He got jealous when I would talk to other guys
When I was alone, he would try to talk to me but would freeze up.

One day I caught him and I smiled at him.
Everyday since I caught him, he stares at me but this time confidently. When no one is watching, from across the room he stares at my legs, my face, butt , my hair, boobs, between my thighs, everything. I stare back and laugh. He always wants me to walk in front of him so he can watch me. Sometimes he gets his friends and gets them to look with him. He does not want them talking to me. He doesn’t want any man talking to me at all really. He still ignores me but only in public.

We haven’t done anything sexual and I don’t plan to. The only thing we’ve done was this funny staring thing which I stopped. I won’t lie, I am attracted to him. He does try to start it back up but I ignore him.
Am I wrong for letting him stare at me?
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