What should I do?

A guy friend of mine blocked me from ALL social media channels. It was over a disagreement. I had apologized and he said "thanks for the apology I'll see you later" and then all of a sudden He blocks me. I asked one of our mutual friends what was up and he said it was because of the thing I had a apologized for. Admittedly my apology was short and brief and while I know that's the best way to apologize when I was angry with him during our first disagreement I brought his family into it, not in a good way. I thought about writing a sincere essay (because he's a writing major) but I feel if I make it too long he'll ignore it.

It's only been a week of silence but I miss my partner in crime. My mom said just leave him be he's a guy, his frontal lobe hasn't fully developed. While I feel he's made it clear and he has communication issues. He helped me through one of my issues and stuck with me even though he didn't have to. I just miss talking with him he was my best friend, we only knew each other a couple months but we had such an intimate (nonsexual) relationship. We've fought like this before and he had admitted that he Vaped because he was stressed about losing me as a friend. I feel like this hurts him as much as it does me and I feel like an apology would help.
What should I do?
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