How can I tell if he’s using me?

I don’t get him at all. He used to didn’t like me now all of a sudden he’s so into me. He’s super nice to me and he’s been doing stuff for me like he’s never did before. He’s always told me that he liked this one girl or he was into other women. I could never tell if he was joking with me or serious. He would flirt with me then vanish. Now he stays for a long time. He used to be nervous around me but that was a long time ago. He hasn’t been avoiding me in a while. In fact he’s been coming up to me in a happy mood. When I’m eating, he sits right next to me. He’s always been jealous about any guy that talked to me even though he never wanted to hang out. He’s even acting shy again. He won’t make eye contact with me when he talks and he turns his head away when I look at him. Something doesn’t seem quite right.

This happened before with this one guy who always said he didn’t like me then months later wanted me to be his girlfriend. He had told someone he didn’t find me attractive. The only difference is with this guy is he never avoided me. I don’t know what made him interested.
How can I tell if he’s using me?
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