Is it true we demand more than men?

This is what my boyfriend thinks. According to him, he had experiences with past gfs that kept demanding while they themselves put little to the table other than just sex.

I know he's pushing me to get better in life but I'm lost at this moment. I still live at home with my parents at age 32, can't drive, have a dead-end job (taking calls forever) with a supervisor that delays my payments, just an average cook and not even working on my field (I have a BA on hotel management and tourism). I want to own a business one day but don't know even know how to run a house, administrating money, etc. I know NOTHING. I don't even know what to talk about in a business nor with different people.

Meanwhile my boyfriend is already streetsmart and has his own apartment. He believes in equality. He won't marry me like that if I continue getting stuck there. The problem is I want to progress (I'm so unhappy with my mediocre life) but I don't know where to start. He keeps on pushing and talking as if it was easy. I don't know how to do all that.
30 d
I'm going to be honest... if I were kicked out of the house or lost my current translation job from home... I would be at NOTHING. I would clueless in life.
Yet, I want the life of a successful business person. I've always wanted that yet it's been years and I'm no where near that goal.
Is it true we demand more than men?
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