What does this guy want? he’s very confusing?

So this guy friend is super attracted to me as he told me before. But I just assumed it’s sexual. But lately he suggested dating and how would i react to him asking me out and he said he doesn’t like other people joining us in our hang outs and he wants to go out alone with me because he likes me and find me really attractive. (That was two days ago) and I rejected him in an indirect way (I just didn’t say yes and said I’m confused).

But... he’s also talking to another girl and told em he’s interested and maybe something will happen and stuff and when we hung out with our friend he spent a while texting with the other girl to the point that was rude and annoying.

What does he want? Can someone want two different things / people? Does he like me more than just sexually?
What does this guy want? he’s very confusing?
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