What are your pet peevs?

for me its:
- bedrooms that aren't ventilated (mostly because the person doesn't bother to open the window), the smell of unfiltered and "dirty" air grosses me out
- People walking towards you, but dont walk in a straight line because they are busy looking at their phone or people who give you no eyecontact, but also give very little indication in which way they are walking so you almost crash into them
- People who stand next to you or walk past you way too close, when there is plenty of space to stand other places and pass me without getting so close
- people sitting in or on my bed with clothes on (in a non-sexual context)
- People who walk on the wrong wide of the sidewalk, e. g. people walking on the right side upwards on a path where you are suppose to walk downwards.
- People who cook meat rather than fry it (they use way to low heat, and/or its too much meat in the pan)
What are your pet peevs?
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