Guy Asked to Hookup, I Said No, Now He's Acting Differently--- A Strange Differently?

I've never had this happen to me. This isn't typical.

I met him when studying with a mutral friend of ours. He was there because she asked him, and I was there to help her study for a test we had. We ended up talking to each other and we accidentally 3rd wheeled our friend. She left to go get lunch and neither one of us got anything done until she got back and she had to break us up. A few days later he found my social media and I congratulated him, because my social media isn't under my name and we started talking after that, a week later he asked to meet up on campus to study and I agreed. We both hung out, I learned about him and even though we had other stuff to do we ended up hanging out longer than planned. When I went to leave however he started to hit on me. I laughed and told him I'm not that type of girl, I met him a week ago and left. I didn't expect to hear from him again.

A day later he reached out to me again and I kept talking to him, and he started hitting on me once again. I told him I couldn't and wouldn't, I liked him more than that and I would have legitimate feelings for him but we both agreed that we're too busy for relationships (we're both graduating soon), so I offered friendship and he accepted it. I expected him to talk to me less. I'm not drop dead gorgeous and he didn't get what he wanted.

To my surprise he talks more. He initiates conversations, and we talk like normal human beings. There's still flirting, and its obvious he still wants to sleep with me, but he also talks about school, work, and if he doesn't reply as quickly he tells me what he's doing or where he's going, I don't even do this with my friends. I find all of this strange... I personally feel like this is a trick. Everyone else I talk to tells me I'm being an overthinking prude. I just want to know why the guy who wanted to hook up with me is now acting like he has a crush on me. Its almost like he's waiting until we're not busy anymore so he can make his next move.
Guy Asked to Hookup, I Said No, Now Hes Acting Differently--- A Strange Differently?
Guy Asked to Hookup, I Said No, Now He's Acting Differently--- A Strange Differently?
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