Guys, What’s the deal?

I ended things between me and my ex last year as I wasn’t in a good mind state (personal reasons).
Since then he has been contacting me for another chance etc up until he moved on earlier this year with a girl. which lasted few months (she turned out to be gay)...
I obviously still carry a flame for him and when heard of situation I reached out. I apologised and explained the way things ended between us and stated I would love to rekindle if possible and if not no hard feelings...
taking into account he's probably hurt and embarrassed from the girl, I gave him space but put my feelings clear. He’s been hot and cold. Asked me for drinks I couldn’t attend as I was working, telling me how beautiful I am etc!

he’s been on and off for weeks so I eventually asked him out straight, if I should continue to peruse or leave the idea be. He reassured me to keep persuing but has officially gone cold with me. Hasn’t opened my last message in nearly a week! (I won’t sending another if not replied too nor wouldn’t blow up his phone)
any genuine advice from a males perspective would be greatly appreciated
Guys, What’s the deal?
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