Is this a typical college dorm roommate?

My boyfriend lives in a dorm and got this roommate for this semester. I don't live in the dorm so I didn't witness but I guess this roommate brings girls that he met on tinder every night to the room even my boyfriend is there. He tells me almost every day this guy is with a different girl and they have a one night stand and be over.
My boyfriend I guess doesn't leave the room, yet, the roommate careless and do his business with the girl even my boyfriend is right next to them. I told my boyfriend why he won't leave and he said because it's his room as well and he needs the space to play his computer game and study. He also mentioned guys don't really bother each other's business so they do whatever they want when they are roommates.
Is this true? Do guys not talk with each other when roommates, nor care what the other guy is doing in the other side of the room? I think my bf's roommate is not considerate of my boyfriend and he should at least find a time when my boyfriend is not in the room instead of bringing girls randomly.
Is this a typical college dorm roommate?
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