What is going on?

Hi guys my name is vicky
I want to ask for some advice about a guy i met at work, he is my boss. We have known each other for about 9 months and we have grown closer over time. He is always talking to me and coming up too me and smiles and tells me about a lot of things. We tend to flirt a lot and he acts like he likes me, i would be the one he who comes to first when he gets to work and sometimes I would catch him looking at me and when i catch him he smiles and looks away. Then one night i was talking to him and i said my hands were cold and he grabbed them and held it for a few seconds and squeezed it, he smiled and then said your not that cold and let go. He keeps sending me mixed signals because one moment he is sweet and flirty and the next thing i know he is cold. One time he ignored for a week and then started to talk to me again and i asked why he did that and he didn't want to tell me. Anyways i need help does he like me? WHat should i do? Please help!!
What is going on?
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