He help me out with rent but I felt bad afterwards?

I been on this sugardaddy meet website and decided to give it a try due to me having a lot of family problem. One of my close family members had accident and I help her financially, knowing that rent was due. I was short on rent and I started talking to this guy (60yrs) told him about my problem and told me he could help me.

I was a bit nervous but If he was trying to help me I was open to meeting him and no we did not plan to have sex at all. That was never a topic. He lives 2 hours from here and did a lot just to come see me. We meet and he was really a old guy that couldn’t walk properly and I felt like a gold digger especially because everybody was looking at us (looking at me) when I was walking to the lobby with him. I tried to keep it cool and started to converse about his trip to where I live. A waiters comes to me and ask me if I wanted a menu (in a rude way by the way. ). I said no thanks and she left. After a while I really felt uncomfortable and told him if we could go to his room and maybe chat in private there.

he said yes and I helped him get his food and we left to his room. I didn’t feel unsafe or uncomfortable because I knew sex wasn’t going to happen. We had a very long conversation about his life. This guy is successful and has a lot of money so whatever he was giving me was nothing for him. But at the same time he had a sad life , his dad past away when he was young , his brother shot him self because of depression and years later his mom suffer from a mentaldisorder and passed away just a year and half and he never got married or had kids. After a few hours I told him I have to go and he got upset told me that he loved my company and would like to spend some more time talking to me and maybe take me to dinner that same day.
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It made me realize tht most of these guys are just lonely and want company and not just sex like everybody else thinks. And maybe young females are gold diggers but honest I know I’m not and I actually felt bad receiving money (his help) from him. I was really thankful
He help me out with rent but I felt bad afterwards?
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