Why do men like treating the women they love like princesses?

Before me and my boyfriend met from what others have told me he wasn't very good with emotions and was pretty cold. He's still very caring and proactive of the important women in his life but apparently he's done a number when it comes to me. He treats me like a princess, constantly buying me flowers and chocolates, he's extremely protective of me, always cooks for me and takes really amazing care of me. I'm not going to lie I love it and it makes my heart melt and go all warm and fuzzy inside when he treats me so good.

I appreciate him so much, he doesn't have to go to all that effort for me but it's as if he wants to, he enjoys making me happy but I guess that's love. I hear so many people bashing their ex partners and being heart broken.

It be nice if I heard more stories like this on here from others I'm not bragging but all I know is when men really love a woman they will treat them like their princess, do men really enjoy doing this, I can imagine inside they are only doing it because they love the girl and inside are worrying about their wallets and not really wanting to get out of bed to make her breakfast whilst she's still sleeping, can imagine it's a lot of work trying to that keep up treating her and spoiling their girlfriends to death.

My boyfriend has spent over £100 on me for Christmas according to his stister and I've only spent £52 on him. Sometimes I feel like he deserves better and should be treated and spoilt too. I paid for his dinner last week but i don't think he liked it and felt emasculated a little.
Why do men like treating the women they love like princesses?
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