Why did my neighbour try to say things to wind me up?

So basically I've not spoken to him in years. I've known him since I was 5 and he was 9. The last time I spoke to him. was probably 2007. We've always had a very argumentative tone towards each other. Even if we are being friendly. Maybe that was our way of indirectly flirting or something I don't know. But once I asked him if he wanted to be friends and he said yes. We literally never spoke after lol

Anyway fast foreword to our 20s. I was with my cousins and I knew he was listening from his garden and I was being stupid so I mentioned "I always end up friends with people and then never speak to them again". Dont even ask... we all do dumb shit in the moment.

Keep in mind we never talk. We haven't spoke in YEARS. But after that he would stare at me from outside if he was on his front garden. And the other day he was with his friends and girlfriend hanging out into the garden, they were all drunk. Especially him. And they were talking about politics and basically (my grandad and his dad are friends so he knows we support a certain party) and he started bad mouthing that party. He basically then started shouting out purposely raising his voice saying "Its BULLSHIT. ITS SUCH BULLSHIT" a few times... knowing I can probably here him next door. With his friends just laughing at him being so loud.

Yeah quite harsh. Anyway what do you think? What was the point In that? Was quite rude..
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My bad. I couldn't remember exactly what I said but now i do. I said "I pretend to be friends with people and then leave them" I knew it was something dumb lol

(I dont by the way it was just because I knew he was listening)
Why did my neighbour try to say things to wind me up?
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