Am I stuck in the friend zone with my best friend or is there more?

My best friend & I have always been close. Being in the same graduate program, we spend most nights/weekends studying together. When we first became friends, there was definitely no interest there, but the more I spend time with him the more I think maybe there is more. So many people ask us if we’re together or why we’re not, at at first I would just laugh it off. Clearly they don’t understand the depths of our friendship. But we do a lot of couple-y things.
When we study together, he’ll cook me dinner (Vice versa). When I fall asleep on his couch watching TV, he just lets me spend the night & won’t wake me up. He calls/FaceTimes at all odd hours of the day and night. He asks to hang out & get dinner or watch a movie frequently. He will pick me up & drive me around like he’s my boyfriend & treats my sister like he would treat his own. He compliments me on the type of person that I am & the things that I do rather than how I look.
However. we’ve never been intimate with each other. We don’t touch each other or hug goodbye unless the other is going away for a while or is upset. I have never caught him staring at me or talking to me in an interested or sexual manner. He talks openly about girls he likes & girls he thinks are cute but has never mentioned that he thinks I’m cute.
Lately he’s been increasingly curious about the people in my life & the people that I’m dating. Or rather, why I’m not dating anyone. The other day I mentioned that I hope that next year I’ll be in a relationship & he quickly asked who I thought I would be dating, as though he was already in my life. I brushed it off. But I don’t think he’s over my roommate (who he has liked for a while) & he talks to me about all the girls he thinks are cute. Many times if I mention a girlfriend of mine his first question is if she’s cute.

If you have any insight into these weird mixed signals at all, I would love to know what your thoughts are. I just don’t want to jeopardize the friendship.
Am I stuck in the friend zone with my best friend or is there more?
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