What goes through a guys mind after whiskey dick?

So I (25f) was recently hanging out (for the first time) with this guy (30m) i've been talking to for a while, we both like our alcohol, so we had many drinks, plus amazing conversation.. We were drinking, singing, and even dancing a little bit, it was the perfect evening, i'm sure even he had fun too.

Soon, things got heated up and we started making out, out of nowhere he says he has to leave. Im like 'whaa?', i didn't push it, and i let him leave even though it was the weirdest thing to ever happen to me, he literally walked out.

I texted him after he left, and he said he got whiskey dick and he felt bad and left.

Now things feel weird, he used to actively text me before, now the replies feel off, after his last reply i didn't respond as I felt like maybe i was forcing him to text me?

I really want to pursue this guy, but i dont know if there's any mutual interest from his end anymore. Like ik whiskey dick is a thing, and i completely understand but I've also never had a guy literally walk out mid-makeout like that, so I don't know if that was the reason or was it something about me?
What goes through a guys mind after whiskey dick?
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