What is going on and is he interested?

Recently started a course & met a guy from Canada who I’ve clicked with. we have a laugh, and he always says I’m the only gal in the group that’s up for the craic. We’ve been out as a group on a few occasions. he seems to gravitate toward me and will spend ages chatting with me. I feel like he’s told me things he wouldn’t tell other people bar his close friends and in lectures he always seems to look in my direction when he is being funny. He seems way more outgoing than me and he added me on social media a while back. One night a girl interrupted our chat to blatantly flirt with him. When he said he wasn’t interested she said “I’ve heard you have a small penis anyway”. Within minutes he was asking to measure hands so our hands were touching while he compared them.
he doesn’t seem to be much of a texter & doesn’t initiate texts ever. But he recently replied privately to a story of mine on insta with a joke and then ILY which is really confusing. We were out as a group and crossed paths a few times as I was with my friends. We danced a and when I was going home he asked me to go to another bar and I did. He held my hand almost all the way to the bar but kept telling me I was tiny and pulling me in towards him to put his arm around my shoulder. When we got there we danced and when closing came I was grabbing a cab and he held my hand and had a chat. He said then said I could stay at his on the couch. I laughed this off as he was quite drunk and said I had to go home. We had some hugs and went our separate ways. I felt like he was trying to kiss at one point but nothing happened. I know he’s out of a relationship recently but I cannot tell what he wants which is frustrating. We only really talk in college or when we’re or the odd time we text on social DMs. Any advice or takes on the situation would be great as I can’t tell whether he likes me or what the situation is
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If he is interested why doesn’t he initiate much contact via text? Like I’ve text once or twice before mostly about group plans and he will have a convo but rarely initiates texting
What is going on and is he interested?
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