Guys who "ghost" girls after seemingly hitting it off, why do you do it?

This guy took me on a date yesterday
He took me to dinner last night for our 1st date
Then he asked if I wanted to walk around and talk more
So we walked around for 20 minutes then head back to his car

Then he asked "what else u wanna do? Go to a park?"
And I said yeah okay
So he took me to a beautiful park where you can city the waterfront view

He kept complimenting me etc saying
"You have beautiful eyes"

And we got to know each other
Asking questions about me
And asking how to say words in my language

Then he asked if he could hug me since he was cold
And then he kissed me twice passionately

We spent 4 hours together in total
Since he kept trying to extend our date
Then we got back to his car because he was cold

And then I was feeling really tired
And he's like "you ok? You look lost"
I said "nah just tired from work today"
And he said "do u want me to drop u home now?"
And I said yes

And then today I saw that he deleted me off snapchat
But didn't block me on whatsapp
And didn't hear from him in the morning like I always do
So I blocked him on everything

Why would he kiss me twice?
And kept hugging me?
And kept extending our date?
If he wasn't interested
Not interested in the first place
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Guys who "ghost" girls after seemingly hitting it off, why do you do it?
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