Is it possible that he is still after me?

In January, 2015, I was 16 years old, I got a stranger's friend request on Facebook, being the naive one, I accepted it.

We talked about each other (our hobbies and where we live, etc)

In the evening, he said that he loves me (!), so I blocked him, but later, he created a new account to talk to me, and sent me 22 messages (how he loves me and all), so I again blocked him. He was 23 years old by the way...

He started creating many accounts just to talk to me, as time passed, he started saying sexual things to me, how he would f*k me and all that.

I blocked him every time, this continued for A YEAR!
I would tell him that he would get someone better than me, but he would say 'I want you, not someone else!)
I didn't have courage to tell about this to anyone. One day, I had enough and we had a huge fight (which included cursing), he threatened to hack my account, find exactly where I live, kidnap me and rape me (I wanted you to be mine and I will make you mine! - he threatened). He even once said that he would commit suicide if I won't be his. He even made a cut on his leg and created a heart shape by the blood (sent a picture of it to me).

He had even came to my city (stupid me told him my real location before he said he would rape me, and that he loves me) as he wanted to meet me. We haven't talked to each other since the middle of 2016.

Do you think that he is still looking for me and will rape me? I am very scared and I still don't have enough courage to tell about this to anyone...
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Is it possible that he is still after me?
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