Does he like me or should I give up ?

I want to sum this up as much as possible.

There is this guy I had in my senior class in HS and he asked me my name because he wanted to put me as prettiest girl in the school. I didn't think much of it, but it was nice of him.

5 years later, this year I've seen him about 4 times at parties because we know the same crowd. The first time I saw him, I mentioned him and then walking through a crowd, he came out of nowhere and put his arm around me and was talking to me and a friend. He turned to face me and took my hand and my friends saw it and tried to leave me with him, but I got nervous and left him there. One of my friends brought him back later on to try to get us two to talk and shoved me next to him and he put his arm around me and pulled my arm around his waist. He said he wanted to get a beer and I told him to go for it but he didn't come back.

I waited 2 days before adding him on FB and I posted on his wall that it was nice to see him and he liked the status. The next time I went out, my friends suggested that I inbox him and invite him out. I took the suggestion, but he never responded nor came to hang out, so I left it alone.

The next big party, he waited a long time before he came over to me and said hi. He mentioned that I I'm him or messaged him and apologized about it, but didn't really say why he didn't respond. I was nervous again and said it was okay. There was 2 times between the conversation that we had a long pause and stared at the other as if we were expecting each other to say something to keep it going. The second time we paused, my friend was pulled away and it got awkward because she came back to pull me away so as soon as he saw his friend, he slowly turned away so I left.

I felt bad about it, so I posted on his wall saying it was nice seeing him and we should catch up some time. I didn't get any response. Recently, he posted a status asking for help on something and I left a comment and he ignored it, but a friend said something on it and he responded, so I left it alone.

The other day, I went to another big party and was hanging with my friends when I saw him hanging around behind them with his friends. asked if we could move away, but they ignored it. There was one point that I turned to talk to someone and turned back around and right between my two friends in the background, he was staring me straight in the face, but I forced myself to stare at my friends instead and talked. To sum it up, the whole time there, he was within a distance that I could see him, but I tried to ignore him until my friend was staring at him and fist pumped with him for a moment.

I like the guy, but I honestly don't know if I'm over thinking this. I don't want to try and start a conversation with him because I'm scared of rejection. And I figure he just doesn't want to talk on FB. Do you think he is interested in me back but wants me to talk to him first since I'm being awkward?
Does he like me or should I give up ?
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