How does he feel about me when it is all said and done?

I moved into a co-ed dorm this year at my college. I made friends with 3 guys and another girl and we have a close friend group; we are constantly together and 2 of the guys, the girl, and I decided we are going to move into an apartment together in the fall. One of the guys (G) and I started developing feelings for one another back in November - one night we talked over every thing and told each other how we felt. I explained that I wasn’t looking for a relationship (and he agreed that he wasn’t either) and that I didn’t want to ruin our friend group that we had, as well as the fact that I didn’t want to move in with the guy I was dating. He was really understanding but kept saying he would back out of moving in if that would help our chances (which I said no to). Since then we have both backed off a great deal. I still have a lot of feelings and I kind of regret not going for it. He’s talking to a girl in his major - she’s absolutely beautiful and sweet and I hate that I get along with her. He seems super interested in her but he has ditched her several times to hang out with the friend group (only when I’m there though?) and to pick my sorority sisters and I up from the bar. He also said while intoxicated that he’s only going out with her because she’s “hot” and to mess around. He keeps a close eye on me and verbally checks on me to “make sure I’m alright” (not sure what he means by that) when she’s around and hanging out with us.

Do you think he’s still interested? And if so, what do I do? It bothers me that he’s seeing another girl but we both agreed we didn’t want a serious relationship with anyone.
How does he feel about me when it is all said and done?
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