A guy saying he is okay with not having sex?

So I met this guy at work and we got along quite well. I ran into him at a bar a couple of days later and we talked for a couple of hours and ended up making out. When the bar was closing, he asked me to come over to his place. Obviously I thought he had some motive behind that so I straight up told him that I don't do one night stands and I should go home. Then he said he just "wants to fall asleep next to me" and that "we don't have to do anything I don't want to"

So I took a chance and went with him to his place. We actually did just make out a bit more and then fall asleep cuddling. He didn't try to convince me to have sex. So this time it was fine.

So the question here is that should this to be something to look out for? I thought this was a bit strange for a casual hookup. Do guys sometimes say they're okay with not having sex in hopes that they could change your mind when you sleep over? Or do guys usually just give up at that point?
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Thank you for the replies so far! I don't think this really is a contributing factor here but I thought I should mention that the guy in question is not a teenager, he's 26 (I'm 19 though). So he's not just some high school jock etc
A guy saying he is okay with not having sex?
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