Should I feel guilty about how I reacted to my male co worker wanting to take me back to my hotel room?

I've already spoken about this guy a couple times but he's driving me up the walls and all I can do is be nice and pretend everythings fine and I'm his friend.

He's 25 years old and is one of the most high maintenance, over sentive, touchy feely men I've ever met.

I'll link some other stuff I've written about him on here but recently we had are work Christmas party, he kept touching my back, I asked him poiltey to stop it and I kept trying to avoid him all night due his actions.

We had a meeting in the morning and wouldn't stop telling me how pretty am I and how good I'm gonna look in my dress, I started to feel uncomfortable so tried to get away by saying "I better call Matt (my boyfriend) he'll probably think I'm dead if I don't text him soon" I was just trying to be funny. He replied by saying "I'd hate being in a relationship like that, doesn't he see you as a grown woman" . After that I felt really uncomfortable and didn't really know what to say.

Anyway going back to the party when we were finished up, I was in a really bad way and my female work friend Frank offered to take me to my room, my creepy Co worker insisted on him taking me back. my friend asked who I'd prefer taking me back, I just mouthed no when she asked if I wanted to go back with him. Think he saw and found it abit bitchy.

Don't know if he heard the rest of what I said to my friend but I told her to never leave me alone with him and but I find him creepy. She agreed.

He also bought me a very expensive bottle of gin over the Christmas period and kept asking were by room was so he could give me my gift. I kept avoiding telling him because I don't trust him and I felt uncomfortable with the gift.

My other friend told me today I need to talk to him because he thinks he's upset me. It made me feel so awkward as he's finally started to act normal around me and I always end up feeling guilty about someone else feeling bad and lately I've been trying my best to stick up for myself.
Should I feel guilty about how I reacted to my male co worker wanting to take me back to my hotel room?
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