Funny thing about social media?

There’s one thing I find funny.

Guys tend to STILL follow girls on Snapchat/Instagram even though they don’t follow you back/add you back or even respond.

I personally have many guys that clearly get no signs of me being interested, I don’t add them, they aren’t even able to dm me but yet they still check my stories, they are still my fans for years.

I think girls are more likely to delete a guy if he doesn’t add her back but I could be wrong.

I mean it feels good to have fans but do y'all enjoy watching photos of girls even though you’ll never get their attention? Isn’t the point to get close? It’s like being in a shop admiring a car every time but you’ll never get to buy it.
Funny thing about social media?
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ALSO: Guys tend to keep numbers of every girl they ever gotten number from forever. What’s the point if y'all won’t ever talk again? Lol they probably won’t even know who’s number is this anymore if you texted them.
Funny thing about social media?
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