What does he want? I’m so confused?

Hello everyone. So I’ll try to be very brief , this person and I have known each other for 9 years. I moved to another state and ever since we have been single and seeing each other or dating others cause DISTANCE has played a huge factor. We’ve been best friends and lovers throughout this whole time , we were even going to be parents to a beautiful baby boy but unfortunately he was born stillborn. We had this relationship going on and feelings started I honestly felt like just because we were going to have baby he wanted to be with me seriously and all. We tried but ever since we lost our baby besides the distance it all went downhill. We are currently not in a relationship we went our separate ways and I feel like it’s been like that this whole 9 years and it’s got to the point where like Enough is enough. Recently he asked to see me and that he wants me to join him with him and his family to visit and help with moving to the new house for a family member. I told him it isn’t a good idea , his family on that side were rooting for us to end up together, getting married even and I don’t want to go through that again. I’m not sure why he even wants me there for? Does he love me still and wants to involve me in his things? Or what? I’m honestly confused. I don’t see the point in going if we aren’t in a relationship and have his family think and give them hope of us being a thing. Lol I’m overwhelmed and confused honestly. What does he want? I told him I wasn’t going and that I was sorry. He hasn’t spoken to me again since recently. Did I hurt his feelings?
What does he want? I’m so confused?
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