Why he cannot look me in my eyes when we are talking?

Soo basically, one guy used to like me, i did like him too, we both knew that, we had summer fling thing going on, then nothing more happened and after few months he asked if i like him because he likes me , but then i found out that it was just an act to get me to sleep with him (im so happy i didnt) . In the parties he used to try to talk to me, but it was because he was drunk, when he was sober he didn't talk to me at all, then after a year of us knowing eachover and ignoring me when he wasn't drunk he tried to force me into something i wasn't comfortable , after i told him that nothing is going to happen he started talking shit about me, also keep in mind he cannot look me in my eyes for some unknown reason. then few weeks later after that accident he started asking me for favour, my dumb self would always help him, i literally did everything he asked me to , like borrow stuff, drive him whereever he needed, just because he started talking to me again when he was sober, after he didn't need my help he started acting so strange, he stopped saying hi, he became a total bxtch towards me, he never said my name outloud and ignored my excistance even tho we are from the same friend group and i was ok with that cuz i was over him and he got a girlfriend, now he magically started asking me for favours! After 6 months of totally ignoring me and after he broke up with his gc. Ok , ill admit, im dumb and i know he uses me for stuff, and i say yes to everything he asks. But the fun part is that he cannot LOOK ME IN MY EYES WHEN WE ARE TALKING, why is that? Honestly thats probably because he hates me because im sure he hates me lol but it so strange pls explain
Why he cannot look me in my eyes when we are talking?
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