Is he still interested in me?

posting again because the other one only got two answers and they were both shit.

the situation: im into this guy. i met him online and at first he seemed extremely eager to talk to me, and very into me. he complimented me a lot and things were quite flirty, the conversations were really good, and we met up in real life last week. we just took a walk round the park and got some food together.

after that it seems like he has zero interest in talking to me anymore... his replies are extremely slow and vague now, he's not really flirting with me anymore; but it's confusing because he said he does want to see me again? i just don't get why he's stopped putting any effort into our texting. personally i just stop talking to people i don't intend to keep in my life, so why is he still here
9 d
like he's not even trying to have sex with me lmao i really can't tell whether he's attracted to me or not. if this is just a friend thing, then okay, but he made it seem like an interest beyond that
9 d
UPDATE: he literally just sent me a text saying "whats wrong honey" can you see how i'm confused? vague and boring one minute then cute again the next
Is he still interested in me?
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