Was I wrong for getting my ex back?

Long story short. I started dating the guy right after he broke up with his girlfriend who cheated on him. I always felt like he was never completely over her, sexually at least. I voiced my opinion and he constantly "reassured me". My mistake. I was naive. They texted and he got the closure that he wanted and i felt more comfortable cause she had a boyfriend. That flopped and she came back crawling to him. They had sex behind my back and when i found out. He confessed everything and broke up with me. I was so hurt. You guys dont understand. We dated for 7 months and they dated for 5. I was totally crushed but i let it be. Two months later. He starts messaging me
At first i wanted to ignore him or yell. Hard to explain. But i decided to get even. I lead him on like he did to me. He gave me all the details about their relationship. It got to the point where we sexted. And he told me how much he misses my body and all. This entire time i was infuriated. Insulted and hurt. How dare he think id be stupid enough to fall for him. But i lead him on
Tbh. The breakup happened about 90days ago and it still hurts me. I loved him so much but id never give him the satisfaction of having me back.
After leading him on
Getting him all hot and heated, i broke it to him that i never want to be involved with him again. I then blocked him-screenshotted our chats and sent it to his ex saying "keep your dog on a leash" and blocked her too.
Theyve broken up and i hate to say it but i feel so good. Like i can finally heal fully and love someone else the right way.
Was i wrong? I haven't even told my frienda about this. Im 21, she's 22 and he's 25
Was I wrong for getting my ex back?
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