friends with benefits want to take a break?

So my friends with benefits wants to take a break but kept asking if that was okay with me. Well he started of saying he loves having sex with me but his consciousness is telling him to stop. He then said that I’m sure other guys would like you. I told don’t him that if he wanted to stop then that’s okay with me. He then said unless you want to be with other guys.. I didn’t even respond. He said that it might be because he’s depressed and I said okay. I didn’t want to push the issue. my thing is why does he keep bringing up other guys?
1 y
I forgot to mention that he wanted to meet up the night before but I couldn’t. He called me and I did ignore it but I didn’t think it was a big deal. I told him that if he ever needed to talk that I’m here for him and he said that I was amazing.
friends with benefits want to take a break?
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