He reached out after no contact but did I blow it?

Was talking to a guy for 6 months and we just slowly drifted apart. Actually he became distant and I just quit being the first one to text him every night and it fizzled out. We work together but have limited contact with one another and didn't really speak for 4 1/2 weeks after the fizzle out. We still follow one another on social media and randomly one night 3 weeks ago he started liking my posts--some from the previous week. It was obvious he was going through my page. At work he was saying hi to me again and even asked me one afternoon what I was working on. He randomly texted me one night asking me something about work which I was surprised that he knew about as it was a personal project I was going to be working on. I responded but didn't elaborate as I would have before--only texting for a few minutes.

A few days later I messaged him an update to our conversation and we had an ongoing conversation. He flirted. Told me he thought I was "good looking". I replied that I didn't think he still thought that. He replied that he thought I was a "cute, hot sweetie". I told him I thought he was attractive too but that I needed him to know that I don't play games. I told him this because I didn't want him to play with my emotions. Now he is back to barely making eye contact and feeling like he is avoiding me. This was 2 weeks ago and I need to understand what went wrong. He obviously was having a moment when he started getting back in contact with me.

Two days ago he had to help me with a work situation and I messaged him later that night to thank him and I got a simple one word response. Did my telling him I don't play games push him away? I am having a really hard time getting over him and this feels like it reopened that wound. I really need an outside perspective. I feel that he was reaching back out because he missed me but I might have blown it. Please help!
He reached out after no contact but did I blow it?
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