How to tell if a quiet guy is interested in you?

I’m in a coed fraternity and I’ve been noticing one of the new members staring at me since last year. Sometimes in our weekly meetings, I’ll catch him staring at me, but he keeps staring. Because of our role in our fraternity, we have to work together. Also, he’s very quiet; he never speaks in our meetings unless he has too. (can’t tell if he’s shy, but he’s definitely quiet) So I decided to message him on Facebook (I don’t have his number) about the things we could work on, and while he does respond instantly, he doesn’t keep the conversation going. We have the same major, so sometimes I’ll message him about homework, and again, he doesn’t really keep the conversation going. However, he’ll throw in an “lol” most of the time, and at one point, he texted me, “ur motivating me.” When he sees me in person, he’ll smile and say hi, or if we actually get to talking, he’ll keep the conversation going. So I don’t know if he’s a bad texter, or just not interested? I’m a little older than he is, if that matters.
How to tell if a quiet guy is interested in you?
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