What is my exes problem?

Long story short I was with a guy for a year and a half. The first guy I really felt I could love after a rough separation and custody battle with my child’s father. This guy and I were house hunting, talking kids, planning our future and then he flipped out, said he was done, wanted to do a bunch of things he in the beginning said he was against, packed up all my things and my daughters few things when we would all have movie night dropped them all off at my place and peaces the hell out. Didn’t want to talk, verbally abused me just it was all horrendous... who was that man I have no idea.

Through therapy I healed, got passed it... cool. Was in full no contact mode and then after a few months he pops up to say happy Halloween, Merry Christmas or happy new year... I kept on with the no contact... cool he vanished... now on Valentines day dude sends me a blank text at around 8pm... then he sends “Hey DID YOU EVER LOVE ME 🤔” text.

What the hell is his problem. He broke it off, did everything possible for me to just give up trying to make it work... went on with his life and then every few months he’s either calling, texting... now he is asking dumbass questions.

What are your thoughts here?
What is my exes problem?
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