Does he like me or just being a flirt?

well I like him a lot and lets just call him bob. He said he's too shy to talk to me in school and he said he doesn't talk to me in school because he gets teased by his his friends Because they think I like him and he told me he liked me before but he only said he kinda likes me and and then a month ago he tells one of my mate he likes me and to not tell anyone including me but she told me .

Well he's very popular and has a reputation he's in the football team the quarter back, he loves to get all the attention and lots of older girls flirts with him and he flirts back with them. A few weeks ago I found out that him and one of my friends text every night 24/7 and when I said that to him he didn't deny it and he said well..not every night and then I got pissed off of him and told him to bugger off and then he said sorry and when me and him quarrel he always says sorry first.

When I talk about other guys he gets jealous like last week I said to him that me and penguin were hugging and that penguin is my huggy bear he started putting on a sad face and he started making fun of him and everything like he's not that cute and his skinny ! and then at our CDT class our teacher was telling us something an he was rite beside me and my best mate was in my other side and we were holding hands and he wouldn't stop looking at me and everything he just kept staring at me and he was very close to me and I mouthed to him what and he just looked away and started staring at me again. And at science I sit in front of him and he's facing me and when we were doing experiments and no one was looking I gave him a hug and he just started panicking he was like what you doin and kept moving and I got pissed off of him and he mouthed at me I'm sorry I was giving him an evil eye and the then he mouthed fine then and then looked away so when he went to the sink I went to him and said you don't like hugs do and he said no sorry.

And then he told me that he can come to the park and then the next class he said he can't go anymore so I kicked him and when to my english class and then I wrote him a note that said bob I'm sorry if I always kick you when I'm mad at you I just wanted you to come to park so I can give you a proper hug and I hate it when you flirt with other girls Because it makes me jealous :L and then he texted me later on and said Look that note you gave to me was no offence a bit weird as I'am not your boyfriend and I can talk to whoever I want.Also don't bother complaining about me to your 'mates' as they really annoy me when you tell them something I've done to 'hurt' you and they start taking it out on me.and then I said to him calm it I just wanted us to hang out :L and then he said kk :) sorry I overreacted :( - what does that mean !? and on his birthday I wrote him a poem and he read it and he just gave a thumbs up and smiled - what does that mean? and at science when I'm not looking away he'd always stares me

so what do you people think is being a flirt or does he actually like me ? A.S.P!
Does he like me or just being a flirt?
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