How can I pursue a man like this?

He’s the typical perfect nice guy, good at sports, good looking, smart as hell and also very charismatic. He’s always treated me with respect and care.

Last Saturday I went to a Valentine’s Day get together at my best friend’s house and he was invited, my friend left us alone any time she could do we would talk with no distractions and we did talk, although I didn’t feel that instant connection I feel with guys sometimes.

We sat together, I’d lay my head on his lap to watch the movies playing and he’d give me little massages and what I noticed is he avidly tried to get back to our position when people sat in the middle of us, when people took his place, when people took my place, etc.

So after those cute moments happened I for sure thought he’d talk to me and sit next to me and stuff on Monday but he didn’t, even when I tried to get close to him and talk the air just wasn’t comfortable (if that makes sense), in fact we said hi and that’s it, nothing else, and I have to say I felt kinda bad.

I just think he doesn’t like me at all romantically, what do you think? And if you have the same opinion as me, what do you think I should do about pursuing a relationship with him?
How can I pursue a man like this?
How can I pursue a man like this?
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