Should give into hope again or face reality?

So I was seeing someone near the end of last year for about a month. Things were going really well up until the week of New Years. A few days after New Years Day I get a bomb dropped on me. Someone came back into his life and he wanted to give that relationship one last shot. I wasn't mad at him, really it just destroyed the self esteem I had been trying to build all year. So he deleted me off of his social media. Yesterday morning, I wake up to find he added me back. I wanna note that I changed my name on my social media after he cut me off (not because of him). So how he even found me again is beyond me. He apologized for being an ass basically, and we've made small talk since then. Is it too hopeful to think he maybe just wants a friendship, or is it the obvious 'she left me so let's try this chick again'?
Should give into hope again or face reality?
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