Guys, why do these dudes invite me every week?

I’m very shy. I get along with most people and I would say I’m easy going. I haven’t really made friends in college but whenever I’m bored, these guys would invite me to play pool with them at our commons area and it has become a thing every week.

It all started when I was sitting alone, these classmates I knew invited me to play pool with them but I didn’t know to to play. They were very patient and kind to me while teaching me then more people started showing up.

They all seem to be in the same friend group and they would just accept that some shy girl is playing pool with one of their friends.

So now whenever I’m sitting alone or one of them is also alone or wants to play teams, they invite me to play for fun. I do enjoy learning and playing so I would accept.

i just don’t understand why. I don’t contribute to any conversations, sometimes they will have any conversations in front of me while I play my turn. Sometimes I’m invisible, They don’t even talk directly talk to me. I’m just a quiet, shy girl who joins in to play every week.

is it to be polite? Why would they want to invite someone who doesn’t know very well how to play? Do they just invite me because they pity me?

I feel like it could be because they are bored but why me? I feel like i sometimes make things awkward since I’m super shy and they are ALL guys.

I’ve never been friends with guys but I tend to treat guys and girls the same. I feel like I act super shy and naive which is opposite of how they are yet, they seem comfortable to talk about sex and partying around me.

I want to know why they still invite me despite my personality and not good at playing pool. I want to know there are any signs they actually don’t want to be playing with me because I don’t want to unintentionally be bothering them.

I still want to play with them but I just want to know what they think of me
Guys, why do these dudes invite me every week?
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