Why am I so nervous about meeting this guy and its it normal / ok?

I’m 17 year old female and i’ve been talking to this 20 year old i met on an app and he added me on snapchat bc it’s linked and we’ve been talking for like 2 months. the first thing he sent me was nudes and just asked to hook up and i find him to be really attractive so i obviously want to and feel ready. We don’t talk on the phone bc he never asked for my number. So basically he asks to pick me up and smoke w him which we both smoke, and i want to so badly but every time the time comes i get so nervous and i just can’t? i ONLY want to hook up just like he does, we get along and he’s super attractive and seems to be pretty normal. he just turned 20, and i’m a junior in highschool although i look a lot older / developed. most people that see me say i look 22+... I don't know if it’s social anxiety or subconscious... i really want to meet him but i’m to scared any suggestions?
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he never asked me on a real date during the day just to hook up at night which i am fine w , that’s what i’m looking for, i’m just nervous to get into a car with an (almost) stranger. i have a phone and a mini pepper spray.. but i don’t even feel like i need it because he SEEMS sweet and normal.. just horny
Why am I so nervous about meeting this guy and its it normal / ok?
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