Guys, Is this a normal guy thing?

Ok so I have some friends who to me are a bit weird. They are 2 pairs of friends. So 4 guys in total. 2 of them have known eachother for 10 years and the other two for 7 years. But their relationships are similar.

The two that have know eachother for 10 years always have to play video games online with eachother at least once a week and if one likes a girl (regardless of how the girl feels) they won't date her so neither of them get jealous of the other.

The other two hangout at least once a week, same day usually same time like date night, and if they like the same girl then that's where they differ from my other friends. They will both date the girl but try and hide it from eachother and if the girl only likes one of them then they still ask her to be friends with one she doesn't like and try to hide their relationship so that the friend won't get jealous.
Is this a normal guy thing or are they just weird?
Guys, Is this a normal guy thing?
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