My boyfriend hit me today?

Today my boyfriend and I were in the car and he started yelling at me because my opinion of the coronavirus didn't make sense. When he told me to explain it I tried my best but in reality im not too concerned about it nor do I know much about it. I formulated my opinion on what I knew. So again he told me it didn't make sense and started screaming at me to shut up. I tried again to explain but he grabbed my leg so hard. I started crying and trying to explain my point. He got even madder and started hitting the seat but his first hit hit me in the arm. Then he went to hit the back of the seat and hit me in the head. He told me to get out in the middle of the street. He eventually took me to my car and called me a bunch of names. Now he's not even admitting to hitting me. Do I have a case to make a police report?
My boyfriend hit me today?
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