Why my guy friend suddenly stopped talking to me?

So... I met this friend of mine through common friends... At first he would shout out to me wherever he would see me and for three months we we were like quite close we would call each other by our nick names, he would ask me for movies or if he's going out he would ask me at least once... he would help me with notes and i would do him little favours and stuffs. U see... M a bit shy and socially awkward and found it pretty difficult to get along with people and he is an introvert ( or he thinks himself to be one) but nowadays he seems to be a little distant with me... He has made a good amount of friends and now just bluntly ignores me... He wouldn't even say hi to me... he talks to everyone but me, we have same mess and today he was right behind me but after seeing me he just left even my room mate found it weird. I guess m just over thinking the situation...
Why my guy friend suddenly stopped talking to me?
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