What's the point of playing when you can just cut it off?

If a guy doesn't like her after talking for awhile, why doesn't he simply cut her off or just tell her he is not interested in getting to know her more?

How jerk and immature is he for keeping her hanging with false promises that they will hang out, when he actually has no intention of hanging out with her, and always gives excuses to avoid hanging out?

Why doesn't he just ghost her? It's better yet than hurting her! Doesn't he know that some people need emotional support/fulfillment that only the opposite sex can provide (if they are straight, ofc)?

Why does he act all "peachy" when the girl asks him out? Why does he start to play with her after realising she is interested in getting to know him (and not bcs she likes him romantically, but bcs she needs to go out with a guy?)

Why does he begin to crave for her attention once she starts to avoid him and tell him "I'm busy now"?

Why does he make those jealousy games when they are nothing but just friends? Why does he tell her he likes her sister? Why does he ask her if he can talk with her? Why does he openly show her he's more interested in her sister than he is in her?

And if she cuts him off, why does he ask her friends what is she up to, when clearly he didn't care that she cut him off?

Why does he say to her friends "tell her hello from me" 1 year later, as if nothing had happened? If she hadn't blocked him, he'd text her/call her, but why? if he's not interested in her, why?
What's the point of playing when you can just cut it off?
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