Why do guys say this to me?

It makes me feel uncomfortable if I just met a guy and he’s already talking about sex. I just find it weird how everytime I meet a new guy, I just ask questions to see if we have anything in common. But the only thing that gets said to me is how they think I’m hot or they say something like they think my butt looks nice.

That’s a huge turn off to me because it’s like I’m talking to a brick wall. They won’t share anything about themselves and if they do, they have to think about it first cause they want to create a lie. Why even lie about how many siblings you have or your favorite movie or your last name?

I just feel like I get treated like a piece of meat and I don’t like that feeling. I don’t care how attractive the guy is, if I can’t have a regular conversation with him, and he’s only talking about sex, it’s a turn off.

I tell my female peers about this and they think I’m weird for feeling this way and that I’ll never find a guy. Is it wrong that I feel like this?
Why do guys say this to me?
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