Why are some men not as open with their feelings?

My man shows he loves me by seeing the ladder on my cat tower is broken and fixing that, by offering to see if its my xbox controller or charger that won't hold the charge. He makes amazing food.. we laugh.. we cuddle.. kiss.. can't complain at all about the sex.. were compatible on many levels.. he says he loves me.. when I try and say more about why I love him he says he feels the same... When I asked why he loves me he says im special. What about me do you love I asked him again he's says im not good talking about my feelings.. I said how I feel I pour out my heart and he said no one has ever said things I have said to him before that he's not an emotional person.. I said am I what you want he said yes I want to grow old with you.. I asked why what makes me different then anyone else? He said the fact he likes being around me.. I make him happy.. I am a compassionate person and I am a positive person.

I have to say I was expecting different.. he's a quiet guy to begin with but get him talking about something he's passionate about he won't shut up.. I know actions speak louder than words but id like to hear his thoughts.. I have tried not talking everything is quiet its not awkward or anything just wanna hear his thoughts when I ask what he's thinking he says nothing.. he tells me plenty that he loves me but I can't understand why.. honestly he's everything I ever wanted and I feel he deserves better!
Why are some men not as open with their feelings?
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