My partner threatened me?

I cheated on my boyfriend 6 months ago. I wish I didn’t I really regret it. Anyway he knows about it. I begged for forgiveness and he said he still cared and loved me even though he is very mad and heartbroken. He is a very vindictive person but he said he wouldn’t be playing me and we could try to make it work. I have put some serious effort for months and tried not to hurt him in anyway. At first the relationship was very toxic, it became healtier when a couple months have passed. He said that we were good and didn't have problems and he loves me. But recently all of a sudden I received texts from him swearing that “he would ruin my life, hurt me so bad that I would regret living, cause me damage 10x than I damaged him if I cheat again. Just after that vow he texted me “I love you” I got upset and called him about this asking how could he say that and told him that was very wrong. He started yelling “I swear I’ll do it im saying again” instead of admitting that was violent and wrong. Its weird for me that him using i love you and i’ll hurt you so bad in the same sentence. I don’t know if i ever be able to feel vulnerable and safe around him anymore, not that i will cheat on him because he seems vicious and tempts to hurt me. Should i be concerned or is it because he is still mad and heartbroken?
My partner threatened me?
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