Guys, help me to decipher his actions?

I apologise for this ridiculously long explanation, but the detail is relevant.

So two years ago I was attending a different school to my current one. I was 16 and while I was there I briefly joined the cross country team (and promptly quit because I suck at running) and I met this slightly nerdy, shy, running obsessed guy. We also sat together in math, and I had never really spoken to him much, until someone told me he had a huge crush on me.

I was actually really happy to hear he liked me, I really respect him because he's so hardworking. Because I knew he's quite shy, I started flirting with him... quite obviously because I know he would stay really shy unless I made it clear that I liked him. We were getting quite close until I moved school. It was a sudden move, with only one days notice, when I told him I felt oddly emotional and wished him the best.

He never messaged me much, he's not really a texter anyway, but I did my best to keep in touch. The next time I saw him it was 6 months later and he asked me to see a movie with him. Even though we never said anything about 'date' he paid for me, the restaurant we went to was romantic, and it was a nice evening. The only thing that was not great was that a different guy, a very different personality, who was interested in me came to pick me up, and it was kinda tense. Though, the guy had never said it was a date so I didn't really see the issue. Afterwards, he went mia for 5 months.

Today I'm still confused about what happened. A friend of his keeps telling me to message him because he thinks he's still into me. I'm now with the guy who came to pick me after, we're going strong. But I really want to find out what happened with the other guy. Was he put off by someone else picking me up, or does he just not have any interest? It's been bothering me for awhile now, and I'm quite irritated that after being a good friend for 5 years he cuts all communication.
Guys, help me to decipher his actions?
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