Why are women intimidated by challenges?

If a woman likes a guy, flirts with him, let's say he rejects her, then later own in life, he developed feelings for her, he wants to give her a try, she will reject him out of revenge, cause she didn't like being turn down, "that's immaturity", she should realize maybe he wasn't looking for a girlfriend at the moment. Also he didn't knew her that well, women like to know a guy before giving him a chance, so it should be vice versa.

Women should be thankful if there are men who wasn't easy, those are the guys that won't cheat on her and is good husband material. Men have the right to pick and choose what woman they want to be with.
A.) I'm not intimidated by challenges, and I'm a woman
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B.) My pride and ego is too big to still like a guy after he was standoffish towards me at first
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Why are women intimidated by challenges?
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