Why guys so complicated?

I have a crush on a guy at work. We are getting along and sometimes seems like he flirts with me. But he doesn’t ask me out. I know he’s single, he told me that, and he knows I am single too. He s very nice to me, he teases me, and he texts me outside of work sometimes but that’s all.
I decided that’s I don’t want to wait for his moves and so I ll ask him out first. But then I saw he kinda flirts with other girl, and see that was pretty painful. I stated ignoring him because it makes things easier and I don’t have an intention to figure out of what he wants.
Now we work from home, and he texts me a lot about how he’s bored, how he misses me, asks what I am doing etc.
I was trying to answer as neutral as possible. But he started to text me about why I am so cold, is everything ok, what’s going on, how am I feeling😂 etc. he texts that he cares about me and if I am sad he wants to know why.
Maybe he’s stupid. 😂If he treats me like a friend why he flirts with me or jokes about my relationship status. I’ve noticed he’s even jealous when I am talking about other guys.
Do you have any ideas what’s going on? I am not...
Why guys so complicated?
Why guys so complicated?
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