What do you think his intentions are?

My cousin and her husband have been married since 7 years (she is 35, and he is 34).

At first, I and her husband got to know each other, we texted often. Everything was well, but after a while he started acting very flirty towards me in the texts, telling me that he loves me, and I am like his little girlfriend, telling me 'Good night, lots of hugs and kisses'...

Wanting to go on a trip with only me and all that.
I would protest, 'Why do you keep flirting with me?' He would say 'I am not, it is just my deep feelings for you'.
He calls me 'Sweetheart' and 'Dear'. I told about all this to my two other cousins long ago, but didn't have courage to tell this to his wife.

Recently, he texted me again, 'Love you sweetheart, missing you'.

So, I confronted him, I told him I'll tell all this to his wife and tell her to flirt with other men!

He said he wasn't flirting with me. 'Anyone can say 'Love you' to whomever they have strong emotional bond with. It is just my pure affection for you, dear. I don't say it as if you are my girlfriend, don't take it so narrowly, take it broadly, I love very few people.'

He also told me to tell his wife he said all this to me.

Is it just affection or flirting?
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+1 y
When I asked him, 'How is our bond strong?'

He said 'I don't know about you, but I have strong, intense feelings for you.'
+1 y
Fortunately, he hasn't ever touched me inappropriately...
What do you think his intentions are?
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