Am I being taken advantage of?

I'm seeing this guy who is much different from me. He treats me like we are dating or at least like he owns me. He is on the loud, crazy, and stand out side. I wouldn't say popular though cause he tries too hard. I'm on the quiet, sweet, and introvert side. Many people believe im too afraid to stand up for myself and people can easily run me over. I do have a big problem saying no to people.

He told me that he likes women who are shy and not outgoing. But from what I see, he's been interested in girls that are more likely extroverts. Girls that are outgoing. Then I only see or hear from him for like every 2 days for only 3 minutes because he claims he's got work to do and going to be busy "all day." When I know he isn't. He doesn't want me to start becoming like those outgoing girls because he worries im cheating on him.

The moment I start seeing other men, he's all over me, apologizes and tells me he's sorry for being too super busy. (If I don't forgive him, he gets mad at me and makes it my fault and he'll make me jealous by talking to one of the "popular girls"). He will began spending more time with me but go back to his old ways anyway. I tried to introduce him to my mom (not as a boyfriend) many times but he hides from her. He doesn't want to meet my mom and gets nervous whenever I bring her to him.
Am I being taken advantage of?
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